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Our activities

The Permanent Consortium Athanor, for the realization of his objectives according to the law, does these activities:

  • take part to the competition and the negotiations for the execution of works and services of integration and global services, making the relatives contracts;
  • regulate the execution of trusts to the associated, opportunely coordinated or to form groups between them , in direct execution where it is permitted from the consortium code;
  • assure at Enterprise Consortium any technical and professional services these are necessaries to the acquisition and execution of works;
  • fixe every connection with the customer and the others administrations and authorities, interested at the realization of contracts, until their exhaustion;
  • support the Enterprises Consortium in the management of contentious before and after the contract;
  • promote enterprises to catch up the social objectives like the technological research, the technical organizational consultancy, the implementation of activities like the purchasing, the management of machine park and equipments , any activities of global interest;
  • promote partnership with Istitutions, University and other enterprises.

The Permanent Consortium Athanor has a good technical administrative structure with manager very qualified in the sector of public actions and contracts.

In the entrepreneurial contest fragmented definitely that actually characterized our country, the requirement by the customers became more urgent and they want to rely on stable adverse parties on the plane of technical-organizational availabilities and financial resources.
Athanor has the support and the assistance role to the planning and management of activities of Consortium business with a complete and a profitable valorization of resources.
The most important objective of Athanor is to create a cluster of enterprises to reduce structural technical managerial and administrative gap of SME towards of big enterprises in the public actions.
This aggregation assures at every members to keep their identity , autonomy and organization , in compromises of certification and declaration by the organisms of qualification and control (SOA).
Taking part to the Permanent Consortium Athanor means to use the advantages for the single operator.