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Why join

Taking part to the Permanent Consortium Athanor means to use the advantages for the single operator:

  • every Enterprise Consortium could take part to tenders competition which are, for the typology, members of a market, unreachable;
  • every Enterprise Consortium could takes part to tenders competition in a geographic are bigger than the area of landmark , increasing the own mobility;
  • every Enterprise Consortium could use a service box tied to the management of the pretext , in the period of choice of contracting and in the period of execution of tenders. A procedure without helps could be have high costs and a big waste of energies;
  • the Consortium helps to have not inside any conflicts because no business could take part at directive organs;
  • every Enterprise Consortium not indicated from the permanent consortium could take part, in any other forms, at the same competition, maintaining his own autonomy respect to the Permanent Consortium;
  • the Enterprise Consortium won’t be responsible neither towards party third nor towards the contracting station for the works carried out from other associated and from the Permanent Consortium;
  • every Enterprise Consortium, as the regulation says, goes out from the Consortium without limits;
  • every Enterprise Consortium can take advantages from the commercial activity of the permanent Consortium, in all national territory , using the different forms associative forecast from the legislation;
  • the works in tenders from the Permanent Consortium and performed by the associated enterprise, through deliberation , are attributed to her at 100% with a resulting possibility to extend the own qualification in terms of news categories and results;
  • to work in team , to reach the excellence , to collaborate and to cooperate for the same objective.

The Permanent Consortium Athanor has the aim to valorize the professionalities of SME abd transform in a new subject able to do public , private and important works with the control of expert professionists.

The Permanent Consortium Athanor , using the diversity and specialization of individual companies , to set oneself like the only alternative directed to the management of different services , with consequent and remarkable benefits, guaranteeing to the associated enterprises to use an incisor contractual power in a way to allow a permanency like protagonist in the sector of public actions.

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